I am not really sure which way is up or down anymore... standing on insanity's shore. Why did I take that bridge? The question still vexes me - was it sheer caprice or something more profound...? In any case - I have always been at the mercy of my duplicity, the doppelganger complex that began at a very early age, a desire to explore the many characters within me. When developing the character DJ RAP I knew she had to be a trailblazer not only a Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter & DJ, but someone who believed that she cannot live on Won't street, that anything is possible, even breaking that glass ceiling. Becoming the number one in the world at something is pretty cool, but to tear it all down to start again, to create a new role to play is what interests me. Its always about the process, not the end result, so I leave her - if only for a minute - one forest for another, swimming upstream at 129 km/ph is all. Resetting the sensors, escaping Zion, due west of my present tense, setting like the forgotten sun. How bloody random to make that turn twice - born again - making sudden autumn burst through the twilight, as the aquamarine domes of the mantic reason deficit fade away... saturating the shadows into the night. Dare to amaze me - all 666 miles, 87 to the next stop - as I drive off into the autumn sunset. The bonfire burns on the plain... those embers crepitating through the reflection, amiss. And then it all returned to me... such a strange process - remembering how to feel... to act.




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